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Prof Sotiria Grek

Professor in European and Global Education Governance, University of Edinburgh

Sotiria is a Principal Investigator of the METRO project. She works on education policy, transnational policy learning, the politics of quantification, knowledge and governance. She has co-authored (with Martin Lawn) ‘Europeanising education: governing a new policy space’ (2012, Symposium) and co-edited (with Joakim Lindgren) ‘Governing by Inspection’ (2015, Routledge). 

She is currently writing a monograph on ‘Educating Europe: EU Government, Knowledge and Legitimation’ to be published by Routledge in 2019. 

Justyna Bandola
Dr Justyna Bandola-Gill

Post-Doctoral Research Fellow, University of Edinburgh

 Justyna is an interdisciplinary researcher, working at the intersection of Science and Technology Studies and Public Policy. In her research, she explores interactions between science and policy, in particular ways in which knowledge is organised, governed and mobilised across different settings in order to achieve political goals. 


Her previous research explored this interplay across different contexts, for example within the so-called research impact agenda in the UK or in various public health policies. 

Dr Marlee Tichenor

Post-Doctoral Research Fellow, University of Edinburgh

Marlee is a medical anthropologist interested in the politics of evidence and data in global health policy and intervention. Her research focuses on the central role of statistical capacity building in the 2030 Development Agenda and the ways that the ‘Data Revolution’ has been positioned as the means of achieving its complicated goals.

Her previous projects investigated the economic and political frameworks of the global health fight against malaria and its local fight in Senegal, as well as the development of metrics at the World Bank for measuring success in global health projects

Associate members

Matteo Ronzani
Dr Matteo Ronzani

Lecturer, University of Manchester

Matteo is a Lecturer in the Accounting and Finance Division at the University of Manchester. His research interests include performance measurement and management, sociology of quantification and valuation and data visualizations

Jennifer Ferguson

PhD Student, University of Stirling

Jennifer is finalising a PhD in the Department of Sociology, Social Policy & Criminology at the University of Stirling. Her research interests include social network analysis and social statistics.


This project has received funding from the European Research Council (ERC) under the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 715125.

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