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Prophets, saviours and saints: Symbolic governance and the rise of a transnational metrological field
Sotiria Grek | June 2020
OECD as a site of coproduction: European education governance and the new politics of ‘policy mobilization’
Sotiria Grek | March 2014
Critical studies in Education
Socialisation, learning and the OECD’s Reviews of National Policies for Education: the case of Sweden
Sotiria Grek | June 2017

Anthropology of Metrics

Marlee Tichenor | October 2020
Metric partnerships: Global burden of disease estimates within WB, WHO and IHME
Marlee Tichenor and Devi Sridhar | January 2020
What is co-production? Conceptualising and understanding co-production of knowledge and policy across different theoretical perspectives
Justyna Bandola-Gill, Megan Arthur and Rhodri Ivor Leng | March 2022

The legitimacy of experts in policy: navigating technocratic and political accountability in the case of global poverty governance

Justyna Bandola-Gill | November 2021
Global public policy in a quantified world: Sustainable Development Goals as epistemic infrastructures
Marlee Tichenor, Sally E. Merry, Sotiria Grek and Justyna Bandola-Gill | April 2022
Statistical entrepreneurs: the political work of infrastructuring the SDG indicators
Justyna Bandola-Gill | March 2022
The education sustainable development goal and the generative power of failing metrics
Sotiria Grek | May 2022
Producing decent work indicators: contested numbers at the ILO
John Berten | April 2022
Participatory methodologies and caring about numbers in the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals Agenda
Isabel Rocha de Siqueira and Laís Ramalho | April 2022
Hybrid knowledge production and evaluation at the World Bank
Kate Williams | April 2022

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